Processing Audio Files vs Parts - Direct Offline Processing


If I split and audio file into parts, I’m having troubles understanding how to process independently the single parts as if they were completely separate audio files - especially for direct offline processing.

Are there any preferences or setting that will allow me to do that? When I use direct offline processing and preview, it always plays from the beginning of the audio file, even if I’ve split it into a separate part.

Thanks in advance


Once you apply the process, Cubase asks you, if you want to apply it to all appearances or create a new file. Let Cubase to create the new file.

Thanks, but Cubase actually doesn’t ask me that, so I was wondering if there’s any setting that has to be tweaked.


In this case, you change the default setup and you can set it up in the Preferences. Sorry, I’m not at my DAW at this moment… It should be Preferences > Editing > Audio > On Processing Shared Clips; enable Open Dialog option, please.

Got it, thanks!