Processing previews and Bypass bug/feature request


There is an little glitch/detail that has a big impact on SLP8’s usability: in Ambience Match, EQ Match, or any process that has a Preview button with a Bypass check box, clicking Bypass stops the preview and makes you click Preview again. A Bypass option SHOULD immediately switch between the processed and unprocessed sound – back and forth, on/off, so one can easily hear the differences. Many applications have allowed for immediate on/off for decades. When can that be addressed? In the same vein, the act of changing the ratio (in EQ Match or Noise Reduction, for example) while a preview is playing should not require me to press Stop and then Preview again – if I have changed an option, I will obviously want to hear the result of the change. The act of changing an option, while listening to a preview, should immediately restart the preview process without the extra step of clicking the button OFF and then ON again.


@Ted_Trobaugh SpectraLayers 9 (coming out in a couple days) brings real-time dynamic process preview (meaning dynamic parameter changes during preview, as well as dynamic bypass). Among other improvements across the board: SpectraLayers 9 World Premiere - YouTube

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