Processing Sample Rate in Cubase Like Reaper?

As I understand it, Reaper allows you to set a sample rate for processing plugins that can be different than the project sample rate, so that the plugins can process the audio at a higher sample rate. I don’t find that option in Cubase, so I assume it isn’t there? Please let me know if that is possible in Cubase.


I presumed that most modern plugins have their own internal processing regardless of the project sample rate.

But there used to be a plugin for old VST instruments called oversampler which would encapsulate an instrument in a wrapper to increase it’s resolution.

I also use REAPER, but can’t recall there being such a setting- can you remember what it’s called? you’re not getting confused with 64-bit processing maybe? Which Cubase also has.

Hi skijumptoes,

See this video regarding the Reaper setting…

Maybe Cubase already handles this when doing an audio export. I will have to do some tests to see if Cubase can have the project set at 192KHz while the audio interface is at 48KHz.