Processing separate Parts of a Multitimbral Synth


I’m using an Access Virus C, which is capable of 16 separate “parts” and I have set it up via Cubase with one Instrument Track, and 16 Midi tracks to output each individual part.

My confusion is when I want to put a Compressor on lets say Part 3, without affecting the other 15 sounds, I can’t do this via the midi tracks and they are all routed to the one instrument track which would universally affect every part.

I’m sure this is possible and I know I’m probably missing something stupid here. Could someone shed light on how I could add processing to each part separate to the other?


MIDI Parts may be rendered to Audio and then apply processing to the audio tracks.

I don’t know the Access Virus C, but if it has more outputs, you may be able to assign the MIDI part to the audio out?

For multitimbral instruments we can open audio outputs and then assign the MIDI tracks to those outputs within the instrument. Effects can be applied within the instrument and with plug-ins and even external processors.

I was hoping to avoid rendering to audio but it seems the only way.
The Virus has up to 3 stereo outputs / 6 mono so that may well be the limit.

That’s unfortunate, it would’ve been nice to have full control

With a multi-output external instrument I would suggest you create as many external instruments as needed and possible - one per Virus-Output (e.g. 3 Stereo outs = 3 external instruments with different connections). Then create an instrument track per external instrument. The effects on these tracks will only affect the signals that reach cubase via the respective outputs of the virus. Up to the given limitations of your external device you dont need to render anything.

Ah wait. you can create an external instrument with more than 1 stereo return I think. If so you can use stereo affects and connect them (as inserts) in a way that they process only the desired channels!

So this is limited to the amount of outputs on the Virus? It has 3 possible stereo outputs, but 16 possible “parts”. Am I then limited to processing on just 3 parts (stereo) without rendering to audio?