Processor Comparison i7 8700, 7700, or 7820x

I’m interested in building a new i7 7820x system with x299 mobo. Anyone have experience with this processor and how it would compare with a 7700 or 8700?

I know the mobos are a different model, but trying to decide if I should go with the older x99 which many use OR dive into the x299 with the 7820x and the possibility of expanding into an i9 when the prices come down. The 7820x looks like a faster chip and 8 cores, compared to the others. Also any mobo suggestions in x299? I’d like 2 m.2 drives.

Suggestions? I usually track 32 mic inputs at once and monitor thru cubase 9.5 with 4 Presonus Firestudio projects. I would like to use the lowest buffer possible…hopefully 64 if possible. Realtime playback for tracking is very important. Mixdown is not as much of a buffer issue and I can increase it as needed.


Check’s (forum) computer section. It has a sticky for computer builds. Start by reading the last post since the thread is huge, or search for “7820” in that thread.



For connectivity (m.2) always read the “fine print” on the respective CPU (how many PCIe lanes?) and the mobo, because in some cases using a specific m.2 slot may take away from SATA slots (depending on if the m.2 drive runs as SATA or NVME, as well as other things), and in addition to that even if it doesn’t some platforms have the m.2 drives (for example) run through the chipset, meaning you’ll never get the full bandwidth from two m.2 drives if they’re both trying to run at full speed (because one m.2 nvme uses four PCI-e 3.0, two will use eight, but the chipset is the bottleneck with four lanes to the CPU).

I doubt it’ll be a problem in reality though, but it’s worth noting it so you’re not paying for something you’ll never be able to use, if you know what I mean.