Producers & Engineers worst nightmare ...

Hey fellow music makers,

When playing a track on a loop & decide to add a new track, i right click “Add Instrument Track” and add a VST.

Suddenly, the master volume of the track jumps higher (sounds like its clipping) then the volume comes back to the same level after the VST completely loads. The volume jump also happens when i duplicate tracks.

To remedy this, what i do is solo a track, Only then i add a VST instrument or duplicate a track so its less intense.

So my question is, is this supposed to happen ? Am i the only one experiencing this ? Why is this happening ? & What other way can i remedy this volume jump ?

Thanks in advance ! :smiley:

You copied a track that had a automated volume curve. How the first track ended up with an automated volume curve is for you to know… Perhaps that pencil tool you were playing with?

Aloha a,

Are you using the ‘Control Room’?
The reason I ask is because whenever I read a prob like this (volume jumps/ distortion etc)
it sometimes has something to do with the CR.

My work-a-round is that I have come to the point where I rarely
load or unload anything while playback is occurring.
And never ever while recording.

Because there just too many ‘bumps in the night’ that can happen and
I have never found a consistency as to why?

Especially loading and unloading 3rd party gear.

So now I
1-stop play back,
2-load or unload stuff and then
3-resume play back.

Kludgy yes, but it works for me and I’m am not embarrassed in front of clients.

HTH (hope this helps)

Hey guys,

Thank you Mr. Roos & Curteye i appreciate your help once again.

I wouldn’t exactly call this the “worst nightmare” and I wouldn’t of thought adding an instrument or audio track while the track is playing is quite the right thing to do , ive always stopped the song and then added a track

Is it absolutely necessary to create a VSTi track while you’re in play mode? Have you tried this while the sequencer is stopped, and see if it happens when you hit play again?

I think loading a VSTi while in play mode is simply not safe. All sorts of problems can occur. The reason is when you load a VSTi, your DAW has its own technical way to find and “contact” it, see if it is available, passed validation, explore its algorithm, etc. before loading it, and all these take time and resources, while it must at the same time process what it is already playing. So yes, such glitches are expected to happen. What you described is way down the list of possible problems. It may corrupt your whole project.

I would advise going easy with your DAW and not loading VSTi’s while it’s playing, even though you expect that theoretically no problem should happen.


Do you have Asio guard turned on? Do you get the same behaviour with Asio guard turned off?

I too have noticed this exact behaviour and not only with adding new tracks too. I have experienced this volume spike/reduction in adding plugins, bypassing plugins etc while the track is playing. This has never happened in Cubase 4, 5, or 6 which I previously used.

With the latest update, the volume spike no longer happens :slight_smile: