Product not appearing in "MyProducts"

About 4 years ago I bought Cubase LE Elements on my PC laptop and used it for about a year before being required to use logic pro x for university and switching to a mac computer. I now want to use Cubase LE Elements on my mac, but the previous purchase isn’t showing up in “MyProducts” for me to download.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to email support? Is this a normal bug that has an easy fix? Has my product been discontinued? Could I get a refund for it? Does Cubase LE Elements not work on Mac?

Thanks in advance.

Email support. Î should stay on your account always. Maybe you have another account under another email address?

Sounds normal… Wavelab 11 Essentials was the first product I’ve bought since VST32 (October 2020), it stayed in the Wavelab area for over a year and just barely moved into ‘My Products’ a couple months ago.

Shockingly I opened up the Download Assistant last night and Cubase 12 is already in there. On day 1 when I upgraded I had to grab it from the Cubase section, but now its finally moved to My Products.

I don’t think I’m seeing the wavelab section you’re referring to, and this is the only product I’ve bought from steinberg, apart from the Cubasis app from the google play store. Is it right to go onto my account and then Products and then click on “Show elicenser-based products”?