Product upgrade but --

a download acces code for a product upgrade but do not own a license to which this upgarde can be a

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Could you provide more details, please? Which licence exactly do you own so far, please? Which update/upgrade exactly did you buy, please?

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Thank U . @Martin.Jirsak


What is your current Cubase licence, please?

My guess is, you own Cubase Elements 12, now. As you can see, the upgrade is from the LE and AI editions, not Elements. Of my guess is correct, you bought a wrong update. Ask for refund and buy the correct update from Cubase Elements 12 to Cubase Elements 13, please.

Turns out I bought the wrong update. I am using cubase element 13 . Thank You @Martin.Jirsak


If you are using Cubase Elements 13 already, you don’t need any update.

Thank you for your attention @Martin.Jirsak :pray: