Production Grooves not in Mediabay

Caleidoscope is there, but ProductionGrooves are not showing up.
Win8.1, Cubase Pro 9.0.1 (on Mac 10.11.6 ProductionGrooves are in Mediabay)

Any ideas?

Thanks Mike

Same problem over here

Same over here

Thank God I can’t see them either, otherwise I might be tempted to use them.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I’ve installed an upgrade from 8.5 to 9 and I cannot use any of the Production Grooves because it says its missing files. I’m on Windows 10.


Oh, nevermind I fixed it. For some reason the Cubase 9 install was only about 3gb when I first downloaded it (I upgraded from 8.5 and downloaded this update at the end of Dec 2016). But I went to the Steinberg website and downloaded a 10gb install that had all of the missing content (MIDI loops, Production Grooves files, and a whole bunch more).

Can you load the production kits in GA?

cant see it as well and no Caleidoscope and no Rock Pop Toolbox, and no Loopmash library

Edit. I guess it’s kinda bug. While I was browsing, trying different libraries I saw that in the search field word “Crash” pop up. (I’ve been looking for crashes one day). So it suddenly appear, my guess is that this “filter” was on when I was opening libraries with no crashes.
The problem is that search field was empty and then somehow “crash” pop up in there. Once I cleared it, I can see Production grooves and everything else

I had a look at the download but was put off a bit as my download speed is so slow that it would take at least 22 hrs!!!