Productive Feedback Needed (Genre: Instrumental)

Genre: Instrumental and orchestral
I’d really appreciate your opinions on my song!

Okay, first thanx for sharing, this forum is made that and feedback is always meant to improve the efforts already made and should be taken positive. We all share the same joy of making music and can make use of each others experience.
So for your piece life I would like to give some suggestions.
The kontakt library you 've used is a classic/orchestral one. The strings are full and therefore upfront in the mix. The dynamics in the piano sound is lost then. I would try to subtle the piano playing much more, let the melodic theme stand out much more and add less strings. Get rid of the quantise effect in the piece, use it in percussion or to get bass/drums track’s straight but not in a melodic piece as this one. It is much more challenging in playing of course :smiley:
The gong splash at the end is a bit overdone, the arrangement should make clear that your piece is ending there.
So go for a more melodic less quantized version, less is more again!
Hope it adds to your ideas

I’m working on them… I specially agree with the fact that the piece’s ending is not good :sunglasses:

Masoomi, thanks for sharing this. I liked how you used the libraries to create a piece that builds on a few simple elements to make a full sounding work, especially the vocal sounds. I like Peter’s comments. You should just create more and more music and share it with us! Welcome to this forum.

Agree with the comments so far.

I remember when I got my first workstation with sequencer
and discovered the cornucopia of sounds it offered.

When I listened to your piece I felt the same sensation.

I agree with Leon…just keep going.

Welcome to posting here.


Thank you both for the kind words!

Hello there

I implemented the aforementioned ideas (if rather poorly) and also changed other parts a bit!
please listen again if have the time :wink:
Last version had 20 Hrs work done on, and this one has 33 Hrs time tag!

I changed the original post’s URL link as well!