Prodyon going out of business sale

I never heard of them til I saw a posting at KVR. They’re selliing all of their plugs in a bundle for $15. I just bought based on hearing a couple of demos

no support after a year

seems like a great deal for less than £10 lol . i bought them , got the download links with in 5 mins and there is quite a lot to download lol

Just noticed that. This is going to take a while to assimilate

Thanks for the heads up.

All I needed was about 15 seconds of the 1st demo and I wanted them all.

But NOOOOOOOO! none for curteye.

It’s times like this when being a Mac user
can be quite the bummer. :frowning:

Enjoi guys. :slight_smile:


A rare experience for a mac user…a way of life for the P.C. guy. :cry: :wink:

Thanks for the headsup.
It’s all 32-bit :frowning:

Yes, it does sound sooooo good but noooooo for me also. A Mac guy.

Really? Just curious as to what comes to mind for you. I haven’t seen anything I’d want that was Mac only in a long ,long time, I mean at least 10 years

As far as the app market is concerned (which is what I was really thinking about)Android was a very poor cousin up until Samsung started selling Galaxy S3s by the truck load. The only advantage I remember PCs ever having over Mac was Microsoft word.

You’re right as far as apps go, Apple rules the roost and Android has a way to go. As far as serious music programs , I was just trying to get an idea if I was missing something or not. Back when I moved over to a PC from Atari around 1996 or so, there was tons of programs that were Mac only. Today, I can’t think of a single one that I would want. I’m sure Pro Tools runs better on a Mac but I don’t care.

hello ,
do these vst’s work on kontakt 5 free player ? , if so im def gettin this stuff .
cheers for your time !!

I just saw that too. No thank-you. :wink:

They should ; they work on Kontakt 5.

I learned a valuable lesson here. When you find a sale this huge, download your own files first and then spread the word. Some files are coming slow as hell. What I’ve heard so far sounds great however.

you may as well say ive given £10 to charity, i can’t be arsed to go through all the copy and pasting of the login and password details ,then activation codes zzzzzzz

there you go prodyon have £10 to your retirement fund :wink:


not sure what you would expect , but I can’t see this as a problem at all; especially for what you get. All the links and codes are laid out on one page, not hard too me. I just meant that there is an obvious rush on their servers and the dl speeds are slow at times. This is the bargain of the year and I’m all 64x

i know it does seem like a very good bargain , it’s not a problem at all it’s just a time issue for me , i’ll get one of my lads to download them so they can be used at a later date ,im just being lazy , just like i haven’t finished a song for the last 20 years :laughing: :open_mouth:

Just a follow up for anyone thats missed this. As I use the plug ins here I’m realizing that there is a stunning amount of content and this is one of the best buys I’ve ever made. I was never a soundfont guy .but these sounds are great. They work perfectly on my 64x PC within 64x Cubase as the program bridges automatically.

Cool. I only worried how long they will work. I’m always concerned about future compatibility opening old projects and even though I thought the plugs were very interesting, the discontinued thing stopped me dead in my tracks. I did want them! The kontakt files may be good forever though.

Good point, I thought of this also. The files for Kontakt should be good indefinitely. Hopefully the rest respond to the key files over the years, however ,to me , for $15 : its amazing.