Program Change functionality for VST3

Program Change functionality for VST3 to mirror the MIDI Program Change event?

Already in there.

I had absolutely no idea. :blush: And that is outstanding! :slight_smile:

Care to elaborate a bit, so that I can have e.g. Retrologue or Padshop change to a different preset?

It’s in the SDK. The plug-in still needs to implement it. And as far as I know Retrologue and Padshop don’t support it.

Well, that does it! :wink:

I request for a move of this post to the “feature requests and suggestions” for all Steinberg’s VST Instruments that does not currently support this functionality.

Since I own HALion, HALion Sonic, Padhop Pro & HALion Symphonic Orchestra from Steinberg, them especially. :slight_smile:

I’ve just run into this when trying to send PC to VEP over VST3. Why has this been dropped from VST3?

Again, this is not dropped from the VST3 spec. The plug-in needs to implement this by providing a list of presets to Cubase.