Program Change missing in midi file export

Hi Everybody,
I’m want to export midifile from Cubase 12 (12.0.52) with HSSE 3.5.10 and corresponding bank and program change numbers.
Halion Sonic SE is in GM mode for edition, so i can select my sounds from the inspector program list. It works well.
But when i export my midifile, program change (selected previously in the inspector’s list) are missing in my sequence. (No CC0, CC32 and PC number on every tracks).
For exemple, if i import this midifile into a new project, no progam change are in the tracks. Thus, Halion sonic SE load only “Acoustic GrandPiano” default program.
If i tried to listen the midifile in an external keyboard (Genos), it’s the same, all programs are set to Piano…
If i export a midifile with a device install form the Midi device manager, all work prefectly. The programs I selected from the list are present in my exported midifile with CC0,CC32 and PC number.

In fact, it can be quickly checked by using the function “Freeze MIDI Modifiers” in midi menu.
Program change are not insert in the midi part if you use HSSE.

Does anyone have a solution for me ?
I just want to edit a midi file with HSSE and export SMF to play it on another device with the GM bank select and program change numbers. With HSSE 3 it’s seen to be not possible …

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I answer myself…
I found a solution but I think it’s a Cubase or Halion Sonic SE 3 Bug.

Here is the bug :
Required option: Have the “Halion Sonic Mult-Timbral” in the preferences in the Midi file import options.

1 - Import midifile with program change.
2 - You can play your sequence with Halion Sonic SE3 Sounds. (GM mode is activated automatically, and all sounds are mapped automatically too)
3 - Export your midifile with standard options
4 - All your program change have been delete in midifile export, you can check by reimport the midifile in a new projet and use List editor. CC0,CC32, all programs are no longer present.

To work around this problem :

You need to disconnect all your tracks from Halion Sonic SE3:

1- Select all your tracks
2- Press Alt+Shift (on PC) and click on the output of a track
3 - Select “not connected” instead of HALion Sonic SE, check that all tracks outputs are not connected
4 - Now all your tracks have program number in the inspector instead of HALion GM list name program
5 - You can export your midifile as normal, all your program change will be included in your file.

If anybody can confirm this … At least it works for me as well.

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Did you check if the PC messages are present in the midi part at that point?

Of course yes.
I check in the list editor, and if i change the program in halion, the program change are recall if i restart the song.

Can you provide a midi file to test?


Import this midi file in Cubase, check before that the options in preferences “HALion Sonic SE multi-timbral” is select. (Midi => Midifile menu= > Import options)

Normally, you’ve a new project and HALion sonic will load the instruments.
All PC and Bank select are @ the beginning of the song. You can check in list editor.

Just export the midifile, reimport in a new projet, PC and Bank select are delete.

It’s a midifile from my student, i’m teacher on Cubase. he’s working in Cubase LE, i was thinking of a limitation, but it isn’t.

I did exactly this, but could not reproduce.

However, there’s no option such as “standard options”.

Imported tracks’ program changes:

Exported that midi and imported into an empty project:

Strange, I have this problem on my student’s computer and mine.

I mean with standard options, default options.
I imagine you have version 12.0.52 and Halion 3.5.1

Can you confirm to me that you load HSSE 3 in multi-timbral.
Because it work well if you select midi track in preferences options.

Of course.

Have you ruled out corrupt prefs?

If you want to continue troubleshooting, post a screenshot of the preferences panes involved, MIDI File, and Filters

I found the problem, the option extract the first patch was checked in the preferences ! ( import midifile options). Program were delete on the import.

I just don’t understand why this function work on my exported file and not in my original imported file. Because even if this option is checked, my first import has the programs. This is where the confusion comes from. I will read the documentation to find more information about it.

Thanks for your support Steve,
Best regards

Because that option extracts it from the midi file, and then, it resides in the Track Inspector.

Ultimately, default settings were not being used – had they been, the problem would not have presented itself.