Program Change Yamaha Montage with a Layer or otherwise

I would like to call up the individual programs of my Yamaha Montage with “MSB, LSB, PGM CHG” in the songs with a layer. Unfortunately that doesn’t work. As soon as I leave a song, the information in the layer is deleted again.
How do I get this resolved?

Many greetings

Works as it should.
Are you aware that every Part of each Song has its own Layer? If you change to another Song, you get a new Layer, they belong to the Part (a Song can have multiple Parts, and a Part can have multiple Layers).
If you want to use the same setting for every Layer, you should save your Layer as default Layer (Layer menu). You can also copy and paste Layers or Parts or Songs.

I think you misunderstood me. Of course I also have different parts with the corresponding layers for each song. However, I cannot call up the associated Performances in the Montage with the corresponding layers, since the information (MSB, LSB, Prg Chg) is not stored in the layers.

I don’t understand that sentence, sorry.
Set 1st Song 1st Part 1st Layer LSB and MSB to something. Go to other Part or Song, then back to Song 1 Part 1 Layer 1, values are still there and will be sent to Layer Output, no?

No, not at all. That’s the problem.

are you using version 1.0.41 already?

Yes, i do

Ok, can you pls run 1.0.41 and then step by step

  • Start VST Live
  • New Project (do not use an exsisting one)
  • open Layers if not visible already and set LSB to 64 on “Layer 1”
  • Add Song “Song 2”, Song 2 becomes selected, Song 2 Layer 1 LSB is “OFF”
  • go back to Song 1. The LSB value 64 still shows, that’s what it does here, and I could not imagine any possible circumstance that it would not.