Program change

I hope someone can help me.
I’m trying to do a program change to set up all the patches . I was using cubase SE which would allow this to be done through the list editor but I can’t find how to do this with cubase elements 7?
Can someone tell me how I do this please .
Many thanks

Use the controller lane in the key editor

Many thanks Thinkingcap.
I tried it last night and have found how to add control change ,MSB and LSB. But I’m not sure I know what I’m doing. Track seems to reset itself. I can’t find and detail of how this is used in the manual. Is it documented anywhere?

I’d also be interested to hear how to do this.

This useful video enlightens the issue of program changes on audio track but not midi tracks…

This video is exactly about MIDI tracks. You can’ t send program changes on audio tracks.

There is no such thing as “Program Change” (PC) for audio. As you can see, he is using two Audio Tracks and one MIDI Track. He is using the MIDI Track to send PC to “Guitar Rig” (which I am not familiar with). I also don’t speak italiano so I do not know what he is saying, other than the words I can decipher. :slight_smile: He is probably intending to record to the two tracks and in the process having the MIDI Track change the program in guitar rig while he is playing (or something like that).

Remember that MIDI is like the score/conductor of a musical piece, it’s not audio per se. MIDI plays/controls the instruments on the same MIDI Port and Channel, but the VST Instrument or external MIDI Device is the one actually making the sound.

When you press a key down (on a MIDI keyboard), a “Note On” message (a.k.a. MIDI Event) is sent with the velocity used (if your keyboard supports velocity). While the key is down and you press a little harder, one or more “After Touch” messages (or MIDI Events) are sent as well (if supported). So when you finally let go of that key, a “Note Off” message is sent with the velocity used (again, if supported). The Modulation Wheel sends a controller messages, and the Pitch Bend sends Pitch Bend messages, and so on. These messages can be recorded or entered manually.

Program Change is just another one of these MIDI Events that can be sent/received. All it does, is telling the receiving device which of the 128 (0-127) program slots to load into play memory. MIDI was created long time ago, when 128 programs (or patches) was considered a lot. So when this became “not enough”, various “Bank Select” (BS) messages was introduced. Exactly how your receiving device understand Bank messages, its manual should say. There is no one standard for this.

The inconsistency between the PC and BS shows how fortunate we are to even have MIDI today. The fact that no successor to MIDI has ever been successful enough to replace it, shows that MIDI was a mere stroke of luck, in a sea of patents, ownership and corporate control. :smiley: