program changes in Halion 6

Leading on from another thread regarding program changes for MIDI instruments:

how do I change the program on a track for Halion 6?

That is: during a track, so, for example the first bar is pizz violin, then changes program to arco in bar 2 on the same track so it looks the way a performer would see it on a score.

I’m familiar with adding program changes in the list editor and have experimented with changing the data fields, but a) this seems to have no effect, and b) even if it did, without a program name/number list, I’m guessing the PC number…

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In the Key Editor’s Controller Line show the Program Change line. Then you insert Program Change data. Or you can do so in the List Editor too.

But you can also prepare your own Expression Map (if there isn’t any already) and use this in the Key Editor, which is very handy.

Thanks Martin,

I’m familiar with adding program changes: for example using list edit to input a 41 for arco violin, then a 46 for pizzicato. However, entering program change data isn’t altering the program that’s being played.

Even if it did, I’d be flying blind, not knowing which PC numbers to use.

I’ve read the Halion manual (but maybe I need pointing in the direction of the correct page?) and note the section “Assigning General MIDI program change numbers to sounds”. I was hoping for a better way of accomplishing this, as it requires setting up a map for each project.

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Have a look to the Program Table section in the HALion manual, please.

Btw, this topic should be moved to the HALion 6 thread.

Hi Martin,

I’ve experimented with the Program Table today, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect: inserting a PC command in list edit isn’t changing the program.
Sorry, when I started this thread, I thought the answer would lie in Cubase: I’ll take this over to the Halion 6 sub-forum as suggested.