Program Changes (Prog/LSB/MSB) aren't being saved or recalled correctly

Hello there. Im new to VST live and have used MainStage for a long time now.

Im using version on MacOS 10.15.7 on a MacBookPro.

When using layers to send midi program changes the settings are not being saved in each part (layer). They sometimes mysteriously disappear. I’m currently programming for a show in 3 weeks time and its proving to be really frustrating as no external midi controller changes are sticking. Heres a video of the problem and a part 2 video linked (within the end card on youtube) to show me trying making the layers independent… and saving them as separate files; with no luck.

If anyone could have a look at this and tell me what im doing wrong i’d really appreciate it! Thanks.


I’ve just made a new blank project and it seems that PG/LSB/MSB are saved fine if the layer is set to a virtual instrument. If it is set to a midi output however any values for the patch change get cleared after a while of changing parts/songs .


Actually, always when changing Parts. The bug is that “the plugin” is removed to give way for the MIDI device - even though there is no plugin. It’s a tricky situation: when a Layer plugin is changed, VST Live resets the pgm chg/bank select values to “OFF” because useres ran into strange situations because of the Program Change sent to the new plugin. But in any case, as long as you use external MIDI only, it should probably keep those settings and most of all, it should not reset those when changing Parts. Sorry for that.
The fix should be available soon, if you are very desperate send me a PM.