program order after importing SF2 /GIG bnk - feature or bug?

Hi all

Importing SF2 or Giga soundbanks into Halion 4 resutls in a random ordered program/instrument list in Halion’s program table. This makes it not easy to migrate from other sampler products to Halion 4 as the menitoned formats are still kind of common intermediares for migrating from any other sampler to Halion 4.

My question is - is there anybody around who has a better way to import programs into Halion from entire banks?

My current workaround is to use Viena’s latest test version which supports auto-name and Save file as singular preset files to prepare individual instrument preset (Halion terminology “program”) files and then import to Halion usiing multiple select from Windows explorer or Mac’s filefinder window.

I’ve attached an animated gif to show the 2 different behaviours while importing into Halion.

As mentioned SF2 and Gig are common formats for migrating from any other sampler. I can’t imagin that it is the goal of Steinberg to make it so difficult to migrate to Halion… it must be more a bug than a feature.

Thanks, Tomotello

This may have little to do with your situation, but I’ve noticed that after I drag and drop groups of samples from my Cubase tracks into HALion layers, their order inside the program tree layers first seems to be random (that is not from the lowest velocity number reflected in the name to the highest), but after I save them as a program and reload back into HALion, everything seems to be OK. Does the problem persist if you save the imported banks and reload them?

At least for SF2 I can confirm that the sorting order of the programs in the Table is somewhat strange. This is of course a bug. I will see if we can sort this out in one of the next releases.

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You guys are on a roll with the tracking down of the bugs. Great job. Keep it up and we may find a flawlessly running Halion 4 not too far on the horizon.

thanks to Gerrit for taking it up! To be fair - I’ve just seen that the Opensource Linuxsampler is presenting entire GIG’s / SF2’s bank contents the same way as Halion in the program table after loading the bank contents for selecting an instrument (see attached image). That tells me, it’s not really a bug - but for presenting the list to the user just in the internal linked-list order stright forward reading from the file, an additional step might only be necessary … but Gerrit has of course more in depths - just to say it’ not kind of random or unstable - it could only be more intuitively and time saving this way.

Best regards, tomotello