Program Selector filter doesn't reset properly

This is an older issue that’s present since like Cubase 11 or so. I use external synths for most of my music production and I therefore rely heavily on the program selector inside the inspector of Cubase.

Whenever I select a MIDI track and enter something into the program selector’s filter (let’s say “Strings”), select another MIDI instrument, then try to use the filter, the filter is still active but it’s not showing me what it’s filtering for. The prompt I used is empty.

  1. Create a rack instrument track of an external synth that’s previously been set up
  2. Create 2 MIDI tracks and connect it to the external synth rack instrument
  3. While one of the MIDI tracks is selected, open up the program selector inside the inspector
  4. Type “Strings” into the filter
  5. Select the other MIDI track and open up its program selector
  6. The filter is still active and looking for anything relating to “Strings” despite being a different MIDI track, and the prompt is empty

Wouldn’t it be better if the filter was also reset? This bug has been present since around Cubase 11 or so. It’s a bit of a workflow hinderance.

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I’ve also found this confusing. If the filter search term gets erased when opening the program selector on a different MIDI track then it would make sense for the filter to be reset as well.