Program Selector has become hard to navigate

I use external synths for most of my music production and I therefore rely heavily on the program selector inside the inspector of Cubase.

  1. Create a rack instrument track of an external synth
  2. Create a MIDI track and connect it to the external synth rack instrument
  3. While the MIDI track is selected, open up the program selector inside the inspector
  4. As soon as you click on any of the programs, the list is reset and you’re being sent to the topmost position of the list with all groups opened up

I can still use the program selector, but I usually use the arrow keys to go through all the programs and try them out. With this current situation, it’s now impossible to do that and it greatly hinders my workflow. I am restricted to having to use my mouse only, and every time the list resets, I have to scroll back to where I was to select the next program inside the list. These program lists are very long so this is quite unpleasant to deal with. This bug has been present since Cubase 13. I use Cubase Pro.


I have the same problem. Testing the different sounds has become almost impossible


Same issue here. The convenience of working with external synths through the program selector was one of my main draws to Cubase and it has become really frustrating to use.


Same here, this is crucial to my workflow and needs to be fixed.


This is seriously keeping me from upgrading to 13. Please fix this.


Agreed, this bug really needs fixing. I tested today and it’s basically impossible to navigate patches on an external synth now. I switched to Cubase FOR this functionality and now it’s completely broken, rendering 4 different synths in my studio essentially useless. Do I need to switch to DP now?


Please, please fix this. I’ve recommended Cubase to many people for the patch selector alone, and I cannot recommend it anymore if this stays how it is.


Hi I have found the same issue when using my Juno-X, used to work like in dream in C12 Pro. I hope it can be sorted soon otherwise I will go back to using C12 Pro.


I recently purchased Cubase Pro 13, and have deliberately downgraded to version 13.0.10 to avoid this issue. I hope I’ll be able to comfortably update my version of Cubase sometime in the near future.


So this applies to plugin presets as well?

Crucial to my workflow as well. Will not be upgrading until this is addressed.


Yep same here, this works fine in cubase 12, midi patch selection in v13 completely kills a creative workflow, it’s really really frustrating to use as it is, things I noticed that would be nice if there were fixed.

  1. Be able to use the arrow keys up and down like before to switch midi patches
  2. Fix bug that when you select a patch that it auto expands all multi patch groups, it should remember the current vertical scroll position after selecting a patch and have it highlighted and only the selected patch multi group to remain open.
  3. Fix bug that when you select a patch it jumps to the top of the list of midi patches list.
  4. Display patch number next to patch name, as some people like me remember patch numbers better than names.