Program that's a cross between Groovepad, Cubase/Groove Agent

Hey Guys,

I’m looking for a computer program (MAC) that has the ability to play multiple clips continuously or one shot, load my own samples (single or layered), large grid to see many samples, and perhaps a way to view the samples as a piano roll instead of audio wave.

Groovepad seems to be close to what I’m looking for by playing multiple clips continuously. But you can’t load samples and I’d prefer a computer program or VST that would integrate with Cubase. Plus so many iPad apps feel like toys.

I know that Groove Agent SE 5 can play continuously using patterns and toggle mode. However, in GA you can only play one pattern at a time.
In the full version of GA there is Jam Mode which looks interesting but again you can’t (from what I can tell) select more than one pattern at a time.

I know that people probably use Ableton for something like this. I never really liked that program but I could get the basic version for $99 if it does what I’m looking for. I can download the free trial to test as well. From what I can tell you have to keep cueing the clips in session view. That is a nice feature - a bit like GA jam mode. But I’d really like to toggle the clips. Plus, I’d have to see the workflow going from Cubase to Ableton. And, then I wondered how do you keep what each clip contains straight when you can’t “see” it as a piano roll.

I’m still wanting to keep composing, recording, effects, mixing, etc. in Cubase. I’m just wanting to jam live with samples from my own songs by playing them in loops and one shots to create new ideas. It would be awesome if the program could load my current VSTs (like Retrologue) and then I can drag and drop the midi into it from Cubase and play from that program.

Does that all make sense? I’m still learning when it comes to music production. Is there a program like what I’m describing?