Program, which converts Third-Party-Plugin-Presets

My wish would be that Steinberg develope a Programm, which can convert any third-party-Plugin-presets to .vstpreset-files.
The background is i actually got NI Battery 4 and can´t convert the specific Preset-files to .vstpreset-files, except to load the Preset in the Plug-In and save it as a .vstpreset. that is possible and i´m glad to do/ that this is possible, but it it´s an really timeeating and annoying process, when you have get a lot of factory Presets or even, when you already have made a lot of your own Presets for that Plug-In.

This would be a really cool advantage, which Steinberg could achieve to an industrial standard. this i think would be a tool, which many costumers or even musicians and producers would be very interested about. even musicians, which use other Daws had than a new and really good reason to get the new Cubase-version.

Thanks for read

I din’t really look at the results, but Google did suggest the search string so it gets looked for a bunch. Maybe you’ll find something here.