programming language that can be used to control cubase plugins from outside of cubase


i was wondering if you knew of a programming language / windows based app
that i can use to create midi data and iinteract with Cubase plug ins - such as native instruments Kontact sampler etc.

i ask, as a friend is into robotics and artificial intelligence wants to write an app that allows his robot to speak and ideally interface with
Alexa voice recognition capabilities

and as i have a degree in sound engineering and my own isolation booth, i may help him on his experimental projects
be grateful for any help

kind regards


Search for SDK (Steinberg Developer Kit). As far as I know, C++ is used.

Basically C++ or pascal or any other programming language. You can google around for creating vst plugins, because that is the way in Cubase is the head program, so the robot should have a vst plugin running into cubase to make that work. Also Cubase can make audio connections, to a soundcard or other software. I did not look into that, but that is in a nutshell my answer now.

The same goes for NI or other software like samplers, you need to run your software within like vst plugin or connection software…

There is an interesting language called ChucK that is designed for realtime audio and midi manipulation. I think it came out of Princeton & CalArts.


Cycling '74 Max is another interesting tool (language) you can use for programming applications for media. PureData is similar to Max.

thanks to everyone for their answers and advice
much appreciated
i will look into this, i think that the fact that cubase is written in C++ makes it very useful
in terms of being able to interface with software also communicates with embedded electronic devices
all very interesting