Programming the click after recording rubato

Is it possible to program the click for a rubato song I’ve recorded where tempo jumps all over the place? I’m using Cubase Elements 9.

yes, in principle.

one method is to tap along with the recording on a midi instrument, then use that recorded midi to create a tempo track as described here…

In reality, i’ve never achieved good results with this. but maybe i’m missing something.

I do this all the time, I use “Time Warp” . It’s awesome.

I don’t have as much success with “Tap Tempo”, but that is another way that a lot of people recommend.

Finally: Have you tried “Tempo Detect”? I’ve started using that as a starting point (it creates a tempo map), then cleaning it up with “Time Warp”.

It’s pretty well described in the manual, and probably a boatload of youtubes cover it as well. Post back with any questions!