Progress bar intermittently gone; VST Connect lost track of files; WAV files won't play in Finder

Three issues while testing VST Connect Pro in Cubase 10 Pro (macOS 10.14.5)

  1. The first time I tried clicking “Get HD Files”, there was no progress bar for the file transfer. I didn’t even know it existed - I’d missed it in the manual, and there are no screen shots showing it.

Later I tried again, and the progress bar appeared.

  1. Later, my friend sent me the files (Broadcast WAV) manually via the Sync share service. I tried playing them via Quick Look in the Mac OS Finder, but they wouldn’t play. My friend tried playing them this way on his 2013 MacBook Pro (also 10.14.5) and got the same result.

  2. Today we connected again and I tried “Get Local Files”. It showed 0 files available. I checked the “Recordings” tab, and no files were listed. But I didn’t delete them yesterday.

Also, even though there were no files to transfer, the button label changed to “Stop HD transfer” (or something like that - I don’t recall exactly). If there are no files to transfer, it should present a dialog box saying that there are no files.

If it can’t find files it expects to see, it should note that as well.

Help, please!

  1. maybe there were no or only very few and short files to transfer?
  2. The wav files play fine on my PC, will check MacOS.
  3. The question is: did you miss anything? If you retreived files already, there may be none left for transferin the first place.

No - there was one take, about a minute long.

I checked again now, and found the following:

  1. A full-take WAV file for one of the three tracks which had been record-enabled. This file IS playable. The question is: what happened to the files from the other tracks?

  2. Several other non-playable WAV files. These are all smaller than the playable one, so I imagine they’re from the transfers that I stopped.

Am I correct that if you click “Stop HD Transfer”, then VST Connect Pro does NOT delete partially-transferred files?

If this is the case - and it appears to be - then IMO those partial files should be automatically deleted.

You seem to imply that once the files are transferred, VST Connect Pro automatically deletes them from the Peformer’s computer. Is that correct?

Is so, it should be stated in the manual, in section 2.9.3, “Manager”. If I missed it, please let me know the page number.


IMO, when either file transfer activity is invoked (“Get HD Files” or “Get Local Files”), the app should do one of the following:

  1. By default, leave the files in place on the Performer’s computer until the engineer manualy deletes them.


  1. Prompt the engineer to choose whether to delete the files after transfer is complete - e.g., a dialog box: “Do you want to delete the files after transfer is complete?”

In my case, the Perfomer still has files in his folder - it’s just that they’re not visible on the Engineer’s side and not playable by either party.

I will try this once more when I get a new ISP this week with much better upload speeds (if Steinberg will extend the demo, which will have expired by then). Otherwise, it’s a no-go.

  1. and 2.: again: are you missing anything?
    If a file transfer is aborted, partial files may remain.
    Performer files are never deleted, we don’t know when you need them. What I meant to say is that when Cubase has already received HD files, it will not ask for them anymore.
    So whatever happens, if you don’t miss anything anymore you may have the Performer delete the audio files of the folder named after the Cubase project. I would suggest to leave other files untouched if you consider to ever continue to work with that project at any time later, but it probably wouldn’t harm either. Also the system is designed such that you should not have to worry about any details of files in general unless something goes missing.

Yes, I’m missing recordings for two of the three tracks I had record-enabled.

Please consider adding a new feature which removes partial files from an aborted transfer.


Good to know that it’s OK for the performer to delete the files manually. I was concerned that this might “confuse” Cubase/VST Connect Pro.

1.: that should not happen. We would need the Performer project (the .xml file) and your Cuabse project (no audio files, just the cpr) to check (send me a PM).
“Please consider adding a new feature which removes partial files from an aborted transfer.” Problem is that we don’t know. When you suddenly end Cubase while a transfer is still in progress, the transfer is aborted. Would be quite complicated to try to resolve this.