Project and mixconsole synchronization doesn't work perfectly

I’m trying to use the synchronization between the project window and the Mixconsole window correctly for simple voice visibility (because the left-hand column is too small and doesn’t stretch far enough to see track names properly if they exceed a word or two). I can see that it doesn’t work in all respects. If I hide a group track, for example, in the project window, nothing happens on the Mix console (or vice versa).

Update: In fact, once track type visibility is also enabled, the Mixconsole seems to direct track visibility from the project window, but not the other way around (the project window has no effect on the Mixconsole).

I just checked and it works correctly for me for both audio and group tracks. System specs in sig.

Same here, working correctly.

You mean that you mask a track in the project window (I’m talking about the left-hand column) and that it also masks in the Mixconsole?


In the inspector’s “visibility” tab I can hide a track and then the track is hid in Mixer #1 as well.

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You also should know that you have 5 “windows” worth of Mixer views, and you can customize each one however you want.

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