Project and Track Information to Notepad

Requested for 7.5, original link below:

Basically, many of us may bounce MIDI tracks to audio, but instead of freezing, we may change the preset or instrument, thus the audio file becomes the only thing we retain.
It would be good when rendering audio to have the ability to also add the information to the notepad of the bounced audio track including what instrument was used, preset, additional FX, notes maybe etc, in case we need to re-create it at a later date.

Some of the older projects I find are missing instruments as you will change computers over time, so finding out exactly what instrument you used, and maybe a preset bank etc, to try and re-create that particular audio render.
This of course is also beneficial when archiving projects, in case you need to go back 10-20 years later, you have the information you need.

All this information is clearly within the project file, so can’t be too hard to add the feature to be able to export this info or display it on the track, to then be able to copy/paste to track notepad etc.