Project 'Audio' folder

Up until this morning Audio in my Nuendo projects has always been automatically written to \project_name\AUDIO. But now audio files are being written to \project_name\audio\AUDIO.

What could I have done to cause the extra’ \AUDIO’ sub-folder to be created?

This is important to me as I am making very small changes to some tracks and need to be absolutely sure where the results are being stored.

I can not find out why this is happening and nor can Steinberg’s telephone support in Germany, so I’m going to live with it. At least it is not happening with other projects as far as I can see.


Open Pool. Make sure, there is no other Audio subfolder in the Audio folder there, please. You can also see the path in the Pool: Pool Record Folder.

Add a screenshot from your Pool, please.

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Hi Martin. Thanks for the response.

AS you can see from the attached pix the ‘Surfsuckers’ project ‘Audio’ folder contains an additional ‘Audio’ folder plus an additional ‘Images’ folder. The ‘Pool’ pic looks normal to me.


If you right-click the track, you can set the folder individually. Didn’t you set the folder for all tracks one by one this way?

Do you mean in the Pool?

If I right click on the track ‘12 All Summer Long Mix 12B’ in the Media column the double ‘\Audio\Audio’ folders are visible in the ‘Path’ column.

If I right-click the file name in the ‘Media’ folder the option ‘Set Pool Record Folder’ is greyed out so can not be selected. I’m not sure if this is what you mean.

Just to explain the tracks a little in this project, most of the stereo tracks contain a fully mixed recording that will be exported as a separate album track. I’m just using the Nuendo project to add some mastering to each album track, hence all the completely different track names.


Sorry, no. I mean at every single Audio track. You can right-click in the track list and from the drop-down menu, you can choose: Select Record Folder.

Could you attach 2 more screenshots, please?

  • Pool, where we can see the path of the files.
  • Files Explorer, where we can see the *.npr file.

More pix below. You can see the affected files near the bottom of the list.

I’ve found the ‘Set Record Folder’ option on the Project screen. I’ve never been aware of this option before. I assume it will allow me to correct this ‘\Audio\Audio’ issue, but it does not explain how the extra '\Audio 'folder was created in the first place. I have always just accepted the default folder that Nuendo/Cubase/SX created without even looking at it.


In the Pool, I can really see, some files are placed in the Audio/Audio.

The only explanation I have is, you changed the settings for the one (or two) tracks manually the way I mentioned above.

I did not change the settings. I had no idea that the recording folder could be changed at all - i believed that it was a default setting that could not be changed. I can not imagine why i would want to change it.

I have now moved the .wav files from the \Audio\Audio folder to the correct \Audio folder, and deleted the extra \Audio\Audio and \Audio\Images folders. I also deleted all the files in the Surfsuckers\Images folder. When launching the project in N12 I got it to search for missing files and it finds the moved files and now loads correctly - All good. However, a second (empty) \Audio\Audio folder is still being created along with an additional \Audio\Images folder containing all the .peak files I previously deleted! Why is this happening and how can it be stopped?

Could it be that you once performed an export (mixdown) to the second nested Audio folder? Or that export settings create an extra Audio folder somewhere in there?

Possibly because oe or more of the audio files are still designated incorrectly? Or one of your audio paths in the preferences is still pointing to those? Just a thought. Otherwise, if the re created folders don’t end up with new audio files and images, just leave them alone…

There is something weird going on in ‘Export - Audio Mixdown’. In ‘File Location : Path’ if I click on the dropdown and select ‘Use Project Audio Folder’ it adds’ \Audio\Mixdown’ after the file name. If I then select the same thing again it replaces ’ \Audio\Mixdown’ with ‘Audio\Audio’. If I do it again it goes back to \Audio\Mixdown and so on ad infinitum!

I don’t understand why it is happening. Is there a location in the Project where the Project Audio folder can be set by the user? I can’t find one.

This morning I’ve tried selecting all audio tracks in the project and then used the ‘Set Record Folder’ option to set them all to use project_name\Audio just to be on the safe side. When launching the project now it still adds \Audio\Audio and Audio\Images but I can see no files in the Pool that contain \Audio\Audio any more so it may work correctly now. In any event, I hope I never have to return to this project again.

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