Project Browser Discontinuation

Hi All,

As per release notes, the Project Browser has been discontinued in C13, so what is the way forward here, since it was very convenient for editing automation data without a mouse.

One problem with the Project Browser however is, it is not possible to default all values to another value, unless all values are the same so is there going to be a replacement for the technology?

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I’m just curious… How and why did you use the Project Browser? Which feature exactly is missing, now?

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Hi Martin,

I use the Project Browser to edit Automation and Tempo points because it allows text entry, where the Project Page does not so easily or at all so I can’t imagine I would be on my own here due to the unassailable workflow that Steinberg currently provides.

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There is the text input in the Info Line of the Project Window.

True but that is not as convenient as having a list.

Are Steinberg saying that no longer can Tempo and Automation data be edited via a list?

If so that is certainly a step backwards and a step towards a less professional application, at least in my view.


The text:

The Project Browser will be discontinued, as of Cubase 13. Originally designed as a debugging tool for our development, from a technical point of view, it was no longer feasible to maintain the Project Browser with its current design, which is why we decided to invest the time and resources in more popular features of the application.

So, the Project Browser was initially for developers, but this does not mean that it is not employed by end users.

In fact, I use it to make data in a project consistent in relation to being quantized so that as tempo changes are encountered, note values are expressed as per how a virtual instrument is intended to sound, which is essential for music composition.

Coming from what I see as the heart of civilisation, does no one in this world actually use the tool for its’ original intended purpose, i.e., to compose music, without musicians?

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How else can we search for specific events being utilised in our project?

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Project Browser was a great central location and adjust everything from tempo, to time signature, to CCs, notes, anything in the project. It was much more convenient than scrolling through multiple menus to look for each menu item individually. It seems to me that there was more priority with making things look pretty than having a faster workflow.


The Project Browser, in terms of Note data, does not have Note Off or the “Data 3” column, that is present in the List Editor, which is obviously an omission however, if including it means a new Project Browser (Data Inspector), then I am all for change.

Saying that, in relation to Note Off data, it is set at 64 by default for each note entry via a mouse but to be able to make a selection of notes and have their note off values set at 64, all at once for example isn’t possible, just as it isn’t possible to modify all Automation values at once either, e.g., when copying/pasting nodes from one automation track to another.

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Have you tried using the Logical Editor for that?


Thanks for the heads up there I will look at that to accomplish the task as described in future.

I have noticed, as well in the Key Editor, it isn’t possible to change values to a single fixed value, unless all values are already the same so I was hoping for it to be possible somewhere so I will have to learn those functions but in saying that I wouldn’t mind a way to do it visually, rather than programmatically.

To ask, is it possible to use the Logical Editor for automation nodes, as well?


It is though. ctrl-click does that, just as for all the other info line params.

No, it’s for midi. Use the PLE for automation.

Please start a new topic to discuss that.

Yes! (I except I think it is Ctrl + Enter.) It is very convenient and works on the info line throughout the application.