Project changing Instruments Tune while playing

Hello, since the upgrade to Cubase 7 am noticing some issues regarding tuning of some instruments.
It’s all pretty random and difficult to register so that I can make myself understood.

No matter if I’m doing some simple editing like duplicate a midi event or simply editing the hours, sooner or later the tuning of some instruments change 1/2 or 1Tom. Already happened with Retrologue, Massive, Reason, Kontakt, etc. Just give the play and at some point (can be fast as well take hours) the pitch of only a few instruments change without me having done anything, not even touching the mouse.

Has anyone had this kind of problem? How to solve?


I am experiencing the same problem in 8.0 using the Halion Symphonic Orchestra sounds in Halion SE.
Everything is fine and then I start editing and out of no where a loaded patch will shift flat with the rest of the other sounds loaded. I check to see if the tunings have changed but everything is still at 440. Nothing specific triggers this as it happens randomly. The only way back is to load the project again however if you save a project while it is out of tune… there’s no way back! I’m not sure if this is an HSO issue, a Halion SE issue or a Cubase 8.0 issue