Project Collaboration

I’m a Nuendo user, and I’m currently co-writing a song in collaboration with a Cubase user. We’re also sharing Dorico files. However, Steinberg does not seem to have any online collaboration tools as Avid Link. VST Connect is not the solution for what we are doing. We are not engaging in a recording project, but a writing/production project. Steinberg needs to implement an online file share/project share application that can update in real time.

Not a real success I guess…

I’ve downloaded and registered it, but I do not see where to implement it. It does not show up in Nuendo, nor in any other of my daw’s. And, there is no desktop app to use.

VST Transit is unfortunately not currently available for Nuendo users.

Is there a specific reason for this? Seems like Nuendo has every single feature Cubase does, except this.


You might just want to share project through an ftp server . I’ve been using this for years to work with my team on remote locations and it works great.


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I’m on a project collaboration with another Steinberg user, but we’re using Avid Link to share our assets via Pro Tools. Makes NO sense that we need to do this. Steinberg needs to implement a better solution within the next iteration of its software for both Nuendo and Cubase.

If the other user upgrades to Nuendo, you could use the Nuendo network feature and work directly in the same project together.

Thanks for mentioning this. It’s not always feasible for collaborators to upgrade while on a time constraint for the final product. Moving forward, I will definitely begin to explore this. Great tip!