Project corruption bug

Today while working on a cue, I got the “project is corrupt” message (the message that comes up where it wont save, “project is corrupt!” Etc.). It came up as Cubase attempted to autosave. This has been happening seemingly randomly about once a month. I had deleted one of the main preference files… I think it was defaults.xml, a few months ago, which hadn’t solved the problem.

Once this came up today, I attempted to copy (ctrl+c) the entire composition by selecting all midi events on all midi and instrument tracks, and got the “serious problem has occurred” message. I narrowed it down to one midi track, specifically a cello midi track connected to Hollywood Strings. The other tracks’ events copied fine. (see attached picture)

After deleting the track, my session went back to normal and was able to save. I’m puzzled as to what this could be, do midi tracks just become randomly corrupt sometimes? Some things to note: the track has the same name as another VST audio channel, but this is the case for most of my vepro connections and many other instruments. Another thing is that it has expression map, but deleting that didn’t stop the corruption. I would like to offer the dump file that Cubase outputted, as I think there could be a serious bug here. Hope this may also help others who get the corruption thing. (btw, disable/enabling the track didn’t solve the problem. Had to delete entirely)

P.S. here is the dump file: