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Cubase 13 is a hot item on the forum.

Since Cubase 9 I’ve been haunted by a Project Cursor that changes to a Black Thin Line. I inserted an image of the current status. This happens when swiping in the ruler. Normally I zoom in and swipe to locate an exact place to edit in the waveform. Then my Project Cursor almost always goes bananas???

According to support it was a known issue that would have been solved in Cubase 10… And in 11… And in 12??? Recent contact with support verified that for some users the issue is still there. I tried installation on 3 different machines and could reproduce it on all of them.

Support told me to try Cubase 13… They could not tell me if the issue is fixed there??? If I’m not mistaken a trial version is not yet available.

My question is of course if someone experienced issues like this and if it is not an issue any more in Cubase 13.

Any help is appreciated.


Preferences > Transport > Cursor.

You can set the:

  • Line Color
  • Line Width
  • Show Online

Hi Martin,

Thanks very much for your response. I am aware of those options and already tried if changes would fix the issue. This together with lots of other options and trashing prefs…

Unfortunately its realy a bug in Cubase. I start out with a normal Project Cursor and after some swipes its a black line. Sometimes so thin it is nearly invisible like in the image I posted.

Support told me they are aware that some people still have this issue.


Yes, but there is still not a clear repro. Sorry.

Thanks for the update Martin… :hugs:

I found a post about Enabling Vertical Sync for NVIDIA would solve C13 graphical issues. Well… It also fixed my thin line issue in C12. Thought I left it here for whoever is interested.

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