Project folder best performance location

Hi all,

I am a very happy owner of some new SSD drives which is new to me. Never realized what a world of difference they would make. My god! It’s unreal how much faster they are!

At any rate :slight_smile:, question time. Since I have completely rebuilt my system over the last few days and got everything ready, it’s now time for the last thing. The Projects Folder location choice.

  1. I have 120GB SSD System drive running windows. After all updates etc it’s at 39.8 GP Free space. So leaving it there for nothing but Windows.

  2. I purchased a second 120GB drive for all my applications. This is where Cubase is installed. This has 71GB free remaining.

  3. I then have 3 Standard 7200 HD’s for my samples, spread out evenly running heavy ones like LASS, VSL and Symphobia 1 & 2.

Everything is running very smoothly but now I need to decide which of these drives would run my projects. I was thinking of putting them on my Applications drive with Cubase instead of the windows drive. One for space issues, two so it didn’t mess with windows process. Knowing my recording, and bouncing will go to the same drive as Cubase is installed on, would that be the recommended location of my choices above? Would love to hear some professional advice. I read the DAW Setup on the front page of Cubase website, but it doesn’t describe the setup I have.


Decided to put them on the Cubase drive.