Project folder on Internal SSD or External SSD?

So I remember back in the day it used to be recommended to use an external drive (or any hard drive other than the boot drive) for samples and the Cubase project folder for better performance.

Now that all these SSDs are so fast, and especially with Apple’s new M1 processor and super fast SSDs, is it better to use the internal SSD for the Cubase project folder? Feel like it doesn’t make sense to use an external drive anymore, except for samples of course that take up a lot of storage.

What are your thoughts?

With internal drives now getting larger and SSD becoming more common as standard spec I use the internal drive for all projects, samples, loops etc for ease of access. I also have a copy of them on an external SSD a) for back-up b) so I can use them with an external laptop with less internal storage. I think with samples it’s the memory and processor that are more important as they can be resource hungry.

Yeah I am gonna give the internal SSD a try when I get my new Mac Studio. It should be miles faster than using an external SSD via Thunderbolt. Just wanted to double check on here to hear people’s thoughts. Cheers.