Project folder organizing

Ok, I switched over to Cubase a year ago and neglected the importance of keeping my project files/folders organized from the get go…so now I have a mess on my hands. All of my projects are in one folder. Before I dive into this, I want to play it safe by making sure I do this correctly and not create even more of a mess…

I’ll add a screenshot of my projects folder so you see what I’m dealing with…

In regards to the audio,images,edits,freeze,track pictures folders…do I need to bother with these or will they organize themselves once I organize the project files and BAK files into there own folders?

Let me know if you need more info, thanks for any help!


Yo could avoid it if you work with Templates. I guess you opened a project and then you saved as … to use it as template. I did it too some years ago :slight_smile:

There is a function very interesentig for organizing these chaotic older projects. File-> Backup does a backup folder with all used audio file in a folder.

Hope helps!!


don’t move anything for the time being!
Indeed use the backup function as Lorenzo suggested.

Note that you need an empty folder for each project in order to do this.
In short:

– Create as many empty folders as you need and name them after the project (you can also create one folder at a time when you click on ‘Back up Project’, though)
– Open one project at a time
– Go to File -> Back up Project
– Set a name for the project and select the Back up Project Options as needed
– Click OK

This creates a new project file and copies all the needed files to your new folder, keeping the same structure (Project folder containing ‘Audio’, ‘Images’, etc.).
Files used by other projects won’t be copied, cleaning up the clutter.

Before deleting the original folder (if you wish to do so), please make sure to verify that all projects are working correctly and were backed up fine.