Project Freezes when pressing 'Edit Instrument'


Installed Cubase 8 yesterday and am getting a ton of issues… The main one is that the project freezes when ever i try to open Kontakt (the Edit Instrument button in the left hand pane). The music still plays but everything freezes including the mixer. Have to Ctrl Alt Del and kill the Process Tree.

Other issues include the project acting sluggish when opening any midi part for key editing. A small window appears and then disappears for no reason.

Im supposed to be making a living from Cubase, but i spend more time debugging the continuous issues. :imp: :smiling_imp:

Any ideas what to do? Im running a dual monitor setup Windows 7 64.

I left it frozen for half an hour and the Kontakt window popped up.

Are you talking about clicking Alt-E on the channel inspector to open Kontact? Or something else? I use that button a zillion times a day via mouse or more key command and don’t have any problems including Kontact.

Are you running Cubase 8.0.2?

Oh sorry i mean the ‘Edit Instrument’ button that brings up any vst instrument. It froze cubase and took half an hour for kontakt to eventually open. Yep im using 8.02

Aah ok… I don’t tend to use that particular button very often. Perhaps it’s worth trying to open Konatkt a different way and see if you still have the same problem e.g. Alt + ‘e’ button, or set up a key command (Edit VST Instrument, or whatever it’s called, is one of my most used key commands actually).


I just tested Kontakt 5 AND 4 here on Windows 8 6 bit Ultimate on Cubase Pro 8.02 - opens up without issue. Very snappy.
Do you want to send me a file and I will test it here? Just pm me if this is helpful.