Project gets randomly overwritten when opening new .wpr

Hi al

I use Project (.wpr) extensively. It’s super convenient and a very powerful organizational tool.

The way I organize things is to make every new session/job a ‘Project’. So, the .wpr file is a common template re-named for the Project (Artist Name_EP_ etc) and always in a ‘WaveLab’ subfolder in the session folder (not the default AppData folder).

This is super useful and works exactly like it should. You can easily come back to the Project when, for example, the next day, or a new single comes in, or there’s a retrieval from backup and so on. Everything is exactly how you left it including all tabs, batch processors and montages. If you are into session organization it is a fantastic feature … thank you PG.

The reason for this post is that, since the latest WL update, more than a few times this happens:

Start WL. Open a Project from the dialogue.

Work on this.

Open another already created Project (different .wpr) from the File>Open>Project menu.

The selected Project should just open and it does almost all of the time.

Randomly, and only very rarely, selecting the next Project results in the Project currently open somehow ‘overwriting’ the newly selected .wpr header data (not the .wpr name though).

The effect of this is that the already open Project now displays (incorrectly) as the newly selected Project you wanted to open.

The .wpr in the selected Project is still named correctly but it now opens as the previous Project that was initially open (prior to selecting the next Project).

The ‘original’ open Project is unaffected.

What seems to be happening is that the .wpr on the open Project ‘overwrites’ the header data in the .wpr file of the selected project without altering its name. It behaves like a ‘save as’ without a dialogue.

The workaround is to copy and save as the .wpr from the last backup. That is ‘re-overwrite’ the troublesome .wpr.

Closing and relaunching WL has no effect. Restart has no effect. This is not surprising if the .wpr header data has been overwritten.

I have no idea what causes this. I cannot reproduce it. I can’t remember this happening before the current WL update . Any thoughts?

Although it can be annoying , it is far from a show stopper provided you do backups…

I am on the latest WL version and current Windows 10 Professional build.

WL is otherwise super reliable and arguably the most ‘solid’ version to date.


I don’t really know. But maybe you could try this workaround: “close” the current project first. There is no close command, but you can simulate it by simply creating a blank empty project. Then open the new project you wish. Well, since I am not sure what the underlying problem is, continue maintaining a backup.

But what I can say, for WaveLab 12, the project management is currently underway to be improved to be more friendly and to prevent this kind of situation.
BTW, if you have suggestions about improvements, you can share them.

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Thank you for these thoughts.

I will adopt the open blank project idea when transitioning between Projects … it’s only a couple of extra clicks…

As requested, I will think about improvements worth sharing.

As always, appreciated.

All the best

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Just letting you know that adopting your idea of the ‘open blank project’ when transitioning between Projects has been working flawlessly. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this myself.

Thank you again.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Well … you asked for suggestions or improvements:

Small thing but I can never understand why some recent Projects do not display in the File>Open>Project>Recent

For example, I have a project that I have been working on intermittently for about 4 days. There’s nothing special about it and the naming convention is nothing unusual. It just does not display in the list. This happens randomly with other .wpr as well with nothing in common.

I should mention that I avoid unusual name conventions for .wpr so that is unlikely to be a factor.

Obviously, you can then go to Browse and find the Project from that. But Recent is way more convenient.

I’ll leave this with you.

FYI, this part of WaveLab is currently being rewritten.

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Amazing. Thank you for the update.