Project Global Button: Set Timebase to Linear vs. Musical

It would be great to have a project global button, “Set All Timebase to Linear”, and another one, “Set All Timebase to Musical”.

Right now it is Way to easy to miss one as one scrolls up and down the project. And in a long project with many tracks, and many folders that have to be opened to see which Timebase is selected for each track in the folder … it is a big pain in the Nether regions.

Is already there, in the project logical editor. “Time Domain” that can be set to Musical, Linear or Toggle.
Oops, in 8.5 I think it was introduced.

Thanks, peakae.

If you ever had a moment to take a screen shot of that ple page so I could put it in my C7.5.40, I would be eternally grateful!

(Some others maybe also :slight_smile: )


I rarely (if ever) use PLE -> mainly because i think that it is written for computers and not humans…
(Like how there are things called “value 1,2,3” instead of displaying the value , which makes me think that it isnt implemented at the level it could be…

But i got curious to see if there were “new” commands etc after reading above… There werent…

So i took one “preset” and changed it up some… - i dont know if it works, but you can try for yourself;)

Should look like this (maybe):

Good luck:)

Sorry to wide for an inline picture, to lazy to scale picture and re-upload :slight_smile:

Thanks, Dude! I will give it a try next week when I am in front of the DAW. Much appreciated!

Whoah … just saw this … Thanks, peakae!!!

Ah, I see this does not seem possible in Cubase 7.5.40 (I don’t seem to be able to call up “Track Operation” as an Action Target.)

This may be the thing that makes me update to 8.5.20, which I have paid for but not activated, even at the cost of having to spend more on Cubase 9 when it comes out. (I was so close to October 15!). I currently manually toggle all tracks between Musical and Linear Timebase when inserting bars in variable tempo projects, and it is so easy to miss one of the tracks since the Linear Timebase icon does not stand out visually from all the others (unlike the Musical Timebase icon which is a unique color and stands out nicely). Since missing a toggle in even one of the tracks results is catastrophe, it is a very stressful operation. I think I would really like the ability to do this reliably with the PLE command.

Thanks much again, peakae.