Project Info problems

Hi everybody,

since DP 2 (.2?) Ive got the following problem:

In Project Info I entered a title and a composer (see capture Project Info 1)
Project Info 1.jpg
The result: No composer is on the first page, but a heading and a numberes subtitle that I don’t use. (see capture Project Info 2)

IN Dorico 1.x everything worked perfectly!!

What is wrong?

Yours Peter

Here Is Project Info 2 Capture:

Dorico 2.2 uses Flow Headings, by default, which generally use the Flow tokens {@flowTitle@} rather than the Project tokens {@projectTitle@}
This is clearly documented in the Version History document, here. Pages 14-18.

To clarify, composer info should now go into the Project Info rather than in Flow 1 Info. Then disable Flow Headings in Layout Options.