Project instances?

I have a Project with 10 vst tracks, I want to be able to switch between ‘project instances’(songs)-
Each instance uses the same tracks, but twicks them a little(each instance/song is muting some tracks, and adjusting the tracks’s volumes/pans/splits ect…)

Track Versions might work well. Saving each instance as an independent project would work but switching between them might be tedious.

I’ve found a different way of achieving my goals…

*Create 6 vst tracks(one of them is halion with 16 different slots, each slot to a different midi channel)
For all my sounds.

  • have a midi track for each song-

  • Each midi track’s output is set to ‘not connected’,

  • in the inspector of the midi track, you open ‘midi sends’

  • And now just activate a send(without effect) to a vst track,
    (plus you could choose to send on a different midi channel to each ‘midi send’… to each track.)

Soo you have 4 ‘timbers’ per midi track(per song) with any kind of combination.