project interchangeable between pro 8 and elements 8?

I work on a PC and a MacBook Pro and might want to be able to simulateneously work on both Machines.
Two licenses of Cubase Pro 8 are too much, I’m considering upgrading LE 6 to Elements 8 (if possible).

Some questions beforehand:

  1. I once tried VST system link, but remember having issues with the tempo track not synced between the system linked machines. Does VST system link fully work with Elements 8 and Pro 8, being able to sync the play marker/transport and tempo track?

  2. What happens, when I load a Pro 8 project with Elements 8, concerning Elements’ restrictions like track count, instrument/fx instances count etc.?

  3. If I’m at all able to open a Pro 8 project with Elements 8 and then SAVE this project to later work in Pro 8, is information lost?

Thank you

I haven’t done lots of tests here, but broadly speaking C8 elements projects open fine in C8 pro, but once done and resaved they no longer work in C8 Elements, regardless of what has been changed. Wish there was a “save as elements file” in Cubase, with appropriate disclaimers about loss of some functionality.