Project Issues after OS Reinstall

Hi all,

Just went through a fresh reinstall of Win 10, having pretty major issues with all sessions now unfortunately.

Cubase is not recognizing all outputs of Kontakt instances that are multi-timbral. The outputs are correct in Kontakt, no issues there.

-Track names of audio returns in Cubase are changed to “Kt. unassigned [1]” and so forth
-Tracks are changed to mono
-VSTi Panel not recognizing all Kontakt outs, and is seeing them as mono and names of “Kt. unassigned [1]” and so forth.

Attached is a screenshot showing these issues. Any insight would be appreciated, thank you!

And here’s a link in case the forum butchers the resolution of the image.!AnOBO24pJp4X4V5Y9d47RLnKtyWL

Since you re-installed Kontakt from scratch, I wonder if you have to go through the process of setting the default Audio out configuration for Kontakt again?

It’s a bit convoluted, so I wouldn’t be able to recite it, but a quick Google search got me to this page from NI (and I’m assuming it’s still accurate for Kontakt 6):

First thing I did was to set the default output configuration before loading any sessions. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to fix anything.

I think what Cubase is seeing is the default configuration - since I believe it loads the Kontakt default configuration before loading the multi.

Maybe try creating a new Kontakt instrument track – and don’t load anything into that instance of Kontakt? It should show you the Kontakt default assignment names and channels - both in Kontakt as well as in Cubase.

I’ve done that, and the output configuration for new Kontakt instances is correct. For some reason it is messing up on every session before the reinstall with the same output configuration. Appreciate the help.

I just noticed a little detail in your screen capture:

In Cubase it seems like you have the instrument track “Ark 1 High” selected.
But the open Kontakt window is named “Strings INST”.

Do those 2 really belong together, even if they have different names?

Yes, that’s always been the case with this template. Not sure why the Kontakt instance never updated the name, it goes for every session before the OS reinstall as well unfortunately. Is that a sign of something not adding up quite right?

Yeah - I’ve also seen them get out of sync. Just wanted to be sure that the Kontakt window mateched the track, sine you have several instances of Kontakt (some 5 and some 6 ?)

In any case, there may be a way to get things sync’d up again, although it’s a little convoluted - and you may want to do it on a different version of your Cubase project, so if something goes really off the rails, you can yet back to your current starting point.

In your screen capture it seems to imply that the problematic instance of Kontakt was created with a different Kontakt default output configuration than what you’re seeing in your current Kontakt multi.

So while it’s a pain in the neck to have to do this - maybe you have do something like this for the affected project(s)?

  • Save the Kontakt Multi as a preset you can recall
  • Save the current Kontakt output configuration as the Kontakt default.
  • In the VSTi rack at the right hand side, work on the instance of Kontakt you want to fix
  • Click on the name, to invoke the VSTi selection dialog
  • Select the same plugin as is currently selected - this should unload and reload Kontakt with the new default outputs - with names matching what you saved as default in Kontakt
  • Activate the desired VSTi outputs in the Cubase VSTi rack
  • Load the previously saved multi in Kontakt
  • Is it right now? If yes:
  • Save your project and quit Cubase
  • Start Cubase and reload the just saved project (these last 2 steps are just to ensure that the whole process actually worked and survived Cubase quitting).

I hope I didn’t forget any steps - and even if I did, hopefully you understand what kind of process I was thinking about.

If that works, repeat the process for the other instances of Kontakt in your Project.

You know, I feel terrible that the solution to this was so dumb after all this time.

I made sure that “Kontakt” default output config was correct.
I failed to make sure that “Kontakt 5” default output config was correct.
All of these sessions use Kontakt 5, not Kontakt (6).

Setting the right default output config for Kontakt 5 seems to solve the issue across all projects. I cannot believe this is what it was after all this time staring right at it; apologies for the wasted time.

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I’m glad you figured it out! – It served as a good refresher for me in the craziness that is Kontakt output routing. It’s a relief to hear, that you didn’t have to re-do things for every instance of Kontakt after your re-installation.

And thanks for letting me know. And now have fun making more music! :musical_score: :musical_note: