Project length changes spontaneously

I’m using Cubase Artist 7.5.40. When I create a new project, I go into Project Setup and set the length to, say 4:00. At various apparently random times while working on the project, Cubase will change the length to 9:00. I go back into Project Setup and set the length back to 4:00; some time later I see again that the length is once again 9:00. This has happened on numerous projects, and numerous times on each project. I don’t know exactly when it is changing because I don’t always notice that it’s different until I see that the horizontal scroll bar has become shorter, indicating that the project has become longer. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi and welcome,

This could happen, when you record any event longer than 4 minutes, or if you insert any event at the time after 4mins.

Nope, I never touched anything beyond 3:30 in this project. I’m just working away on the project and suddenly noticed that it changed in length from my setting of 4:00 to Cubase’s choice of 9:00. Always 9:00.

I have had (and am still having) the same problem going back several versions of Cubase (I am on 6.5.5).
It happens every time, in every project that I work on.
Maybe Steinberg have fixed this annoying behaviour in later versions?
I work with music for film and need to jump around the main edit window a lot, zooming in and out a lot.
Often the project will be only for a specific short section of timecode for a maximum of 1-2 minutes.
Having 5 minutes of nothing added to the project each time I record is a huge pain.
I have searched high an low through all my preferences to see if I can switch this annoying behaviour off, but no luck.

Here is an (every time) repeatable dummy test demonstrating the problem:

  1. If I open a project and just listen to the end, then close after doing nothing (not even saving), it will **NOT**add the extra empty space of around 5 minutes.

    2.I start a new test project and set the project length to 2 mins - Project/Project setup 0:02:00:00
    1-project set up before record.png
    Then record a test track and stop before the 2 minute end of the project, then save/close/re-open the project, it is still at 2 minutes length.
    2-recording a test track.png
  2. If I do a record/drop-in halfway into the project at 1:40, as soon as I drop out of record, I see that Cubase has added 5 minutes of nothing to the project.
    3-after dropping in-7mins.png
    I realise that perhaps I’m using an outdated version of Cubase, but I sure hope that Steinberg have fixed this in later versions :wink: