Project load issue: Wants to load a plugin named after a track' name!


There’s a song that I’ve been working on for years and about to release. But now and then I worked on it. Recently when I wanted to load it, it wants to load a plugin that has the same name as the track’s name. So the track is called “islandwinds”, and it just searches for a plugin called “islandwinds”. I found this problematic because I think I had a spire instrument on that track, with a “wind” patch that I created.

I started this project back on cubase 7.5. a few years ago. I think at one point I froze some tracks because my computer was too underperforming. And then unfroze them a few versions later, as cubase 9 had better performance. Then I saved the project again. That’s the only time I can think of where this problematic conversion would have been relevant.

The reason why I find this so problematic is, that I don’t know where it has gone wrong, and it could as well be that more plugin names had been converted to “track names”. Lucky the project isn’t totally doomed and the error only occured on one frozen track. Otherwise I was royally fux0red.

So does anyone have an idea if this occurs often, if it’s a known bug when you carelessly freeze/unfreeze tracks ?