Project load progress bar


How to know when all instruments loaded? On large projects it take some minutes, but if I press play while not all instruments loaded, some kind of buffer is filled with notes that should be play and when instrument is completely loaded, these buffered notes are sent to instrument at one time.

It would be nice to have at least grayed screen without ability to start playing anything.

FL have his nice progress indicator showing what is loading.

If I understand Cubase a little bit deeper than user should, it knows only that plugin is loaded, but doesn’t know is all samples loaded in that plugin.

For example, HALion Symphonic Orchestra - plugin itself loads quickly, but when I load preset, plugin’s progress bar shows how hard is to load it. It takes some seconds. And if project have 15-25 symphonic instruments, I really try to start playing at least three times without all instruments loaded. Then I should reset MIDI because some notes stuck playing.

I think there is no progressbar or OK when everything is ready and loaded. Specially Halion takes some time to load. I have the same problem but i dont use big samples in halion (mostly all samples count under 500mb in total or lower). So within 20 secs or so the Cubase is ready and good. Your right i dont know if there is a signal that everything is loaded fine and running up to par. Would be difficult for Plugins that are not Steinberg related, so i dont think the option will come soon to see all is ready and loaded correct.

I really wonder if there is no signal or something like status code sent from plugin to DAW when it is loaded all stuff and ready to play. One thing is plugins of manufacturers other than DAW, but however it should be prioritative to know, when “space shuttle can lift off” :wink: