Project loading is single-threaded?

Here’s a question I have to ask (hopefully someone from Steinberg knows for certain, and not just conjecture). When projects are loading in Cubase, I watch the CPU usage, and a single CPU core at a time will be MAXED out at 100% and all other cores will be dormant. Then every couple seconds, this thread moves to a different core which then maxes out at 100%.

Does it not stand to reason that if Steinberg could make project loading multi-threaded projects would load faster? It seems to me that by 2012 we’d be using all the horsepower we have with a flagship piece of software like this. (In my dreams, any ways :wink: )

This is a concern of mine because my sessions take about 5 minutes to load, due to all the MIDI assignments incurred by Vienna Ensemble Pro server plug-ins. If on my 12-core Mac Pro, these sessions could load 12 times faster (in theory), that would make a huge difference. (And yes, I’m pursuing alternative options for my workflow)

Not a critique, just a curious question.