Project loading time - Cache?

I have a weird behaviour lately. When loading a project which is approx 30mb big it just takes forever to load.
It gets stuck in the “Reading project file” dialog. It takes about 5min for a mixed song. As soon as the project file is read and the single tracks get loaded on this little dialog, everything goes on very fast. So just reading those 30mb takes that long. How is that even possible?

The thing is, if I close the project and want to reopen it again, it opens in 10 seconds, instead of 5 min, thats the case until I reboot my computer. After rebooting I have to wait 5 min again for the first time opening the project.
That leads me to the assumption, that cubase creates a cache for the project somewhere, which gets emptied on every reboot or sth like that?

My system:

WIN 10 1903
I7 8700K
System/Projects/Libraries+Plugins all on separate SSDs

Mac or PC ?

Sorry, edited my post and added my system info! I’m on Win10

Am I the only one experiencing this?

Any chance you are using VE PRO? I have the same issue if that is the case.

I had a similar problem, then I trashed preferences, and rebuilt them from scratch. Now it seems ok (fingers crossed…).

Maybe first you can try Safe mode (see manual: ctrl-shift-alt during program startup) and temporarily disable program preferences.

For everyone interested, I found the issue:

It was windows defender always checking all the project files on startup, even if I had disabled. Had to enable it, and add my project directory to the whitelist.

Yep. That’s the way defender works - you have to whitelist folders you don’t want scanned.

Yeah but the thing was, windows defender was turned off. Also it checked the files everytime I opened a project. So thats a WD “bug” I guess.