Project Logical Editor - Bug?

I have set up a PLE setting to try to mute or solo various tracks based on their name.

When I set it to toggle mute on or off based on the name it works fine. But then if I change the setting to Solo, and try to toggle, it randomly selects other tracks also at first but then toggles ok.
Easier to explain if you watch my screen capture below.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?!

From what I can see you’re doing everything right. But I can’t replicate the problem. My Mute behaves like yours, but when I change it to Toggle Solo that behaves as expected, the same as the Mute and nothing like in your video.

I’d want to take a thorough look at the Tracks that shouldn’t be toggling but are, and compare those with the Tracks that shouldn’t and don’t toggle. Something has got to be different between them

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There’s nothing that springs out - I’ve checked the routing, right through to the stems, and there are no inserts on the tracks - the only thing that I can think is that when I built the template I duplicated and renamed the tracks in some cases where they were pointing to the same or similar VEPro instance - maybe there is something in the backend in the way that cubase references it’s tracks or something?

Very odd.

What if you create a new blank Project and use File>Import Tracks From Project… to pull the Tracks into the new Project - does the behavior follow along?

I’ve not tried that yet but I have discovered that this is somehow connected to the midi out routing. The PLE is selecting all the tracks that are routed to a specific VSTi rack - if I change the rack that the midi track is patched to it is no longer selected. If I then change it back, it is selected again.
See this video for the behaviour:

And here’s another oddity


If the search term in the PLE has a space I get the behaviour but if I take the space out it works correctly… put it back in and behaviour appears again…