Project Logical Editor CC Input Quantize

Hi All,

Super long time Logic user here making the long gradual switch. Loving Cubase so far, just amazing and flexible and works wonderfully with VEPro.

So, my question today is this. I have a Kork NanoKontrol I’ve set up to send MIDI cc 60-68 (toggle between O and 127) to use as mutes for some VEPro slave drum instruments. Works great, did my mapping on the PC (VEPro rig is a PC and main rig is a Mac). I can mute and un-mute successfully.

So here’s my question. I’ve successfully made some pretty complex scripts in Logical Editor but can’t figure out how to make this one.

I’d like these cc’s 60-68 to only fire on 1/8th notes. So you can only mute and un-mute these drum tracks as a function of the overall clock. Basically when you press a button it waits until the next 1/8 note to send it. I’m positive the die hards on here will be able to walk me through this. Can’t find any info on how position is subdivided (PPQ) and a couple other things.

Thanks and great to meet you all, great forums here.